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Painting Class: Landscape Painting in Oil


Painting Class: Landscape Painting in Oil


For whom is the course?

It is suitable for beginners and advanced who would like to learn how to handle oil paints best outside.

What do I learn in this course?

We will mainly concentrate on 2 different positions from where we paint during this workshop. The participants learn how to work best with the changing light conditions. But also basic things like transport of the materials after the use, perspective and composition.

Landscape painting is also about capturing the mood and atmosphere and getting the right colors working together.

How is the process?

During this workshop we will benefit from Bad Homburg’s beautiful parks. With the field easel it goes out into nature. The morning of the first day we will meet at the academy. Here we will have some theory and demonstrations by the teachers which will be helpfull for the next days. We will also go through the equipment and fix a place to meet for the next days. So we will have a good start after the lunch break. Each participant looks for his first position for the next 2 days and starts with a sketch and the underpainting.

Step by step the composition will be captured and explained. We will work using the principles from the rough to detail and from the background to the foreground.

What do I have to bring?

The materials to be brought along can be seen here:

Material List

Landscape Painting Class

Landscape Painting in Oil

Material Lists


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1 Review

  • Lisa from Bad Nauheim August

    The great thing about this workshop is the fact that you can be in the nature with your easel. That's the best way to learn to work with different lighting conditions. The teacher took his time to answer every question of the pariticipants. I'd love to do another workshop at this academy!

Do you have participate at this workshop? We would be very happy about your review!

Do you have participate at this workshop? We would be very happy about your review!


Agustín Incicco​

Agustín Incicco​

Agustín was born in Rosario, Argentina in 1973. He is the son of a family with both, Italian and Spanish background and he grew up by the large Paraná River, one of the biggests in South America. Agustín started sutdying Antrhopology, but then a sailing trip on a very small boat through the North Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean and accross the Atlantic Ocean from Europe to Brasil changed his life completly. This experience made such a strong impact in him that from that moment he decided to dedicate himself to the Arts .

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Cornelia Wi

Cornelia Wi

Cornelia, born in Zurich, studied economics at the University of Zurich and graduated in 1997 with a Master’s degree. Art was always part of her life. She enriched her education in various art schools in drawing, painting and sculpturing in Zurich, London, New York and Madrid. In 2017 she completed an intensive study at the Barcelona Academy of Art with special focus on painting.  

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