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Figure Drawing & Painting Class

Figure Drawing & Painting Class

✓ Acting class for advanced students ✓ Learn to draw people properly ✓ Basics and deepening of Figure Drawing ✓ Real model ✓ Langzeitpose ✓ Realistic & Professional Drawing

For whom is the course?

It is suitable for beginners with first character skills and advanced, and especially popular for tattoo artists, illustrators, designers and pros for PC games and animation films in the character design field.

What do I learn in the workshop?

In this workshop you will learn to work from the real model. In the first week, you will learn the basics of life drawing. Measuring technology, proportions, forms and light and shadow are the main topics. In the second week you finally learn to draw from the nude model in oil. Contents here are handling of oil paint, materials and mixing of colors. The day is always divided into 3 hours of theory and practical exercises and 3 hours of nude drawing. In the exercises you will get to know the measurement, proportions and the subject of light and shadow. These are important blocks that you will need for nude drawing.
in these two weeks you are mainly working from the same model. This means that in the first week, you will already be able to lay the foundations for painting in oil in the second week.
Our teachers will teach you how to apply measurement methods to transfer a person with his correct proportions. How do I start drawing? How do I manage to represent people realistically? The answers you will find in this workshop. After the initial hurdle has been taken, you go one step further and focus on shadow lines. Step by step you transfer the model. You will also learn to work out shapes through shades and nuances.

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What do I have to bring?

After a successful registration, a material list will be sent to you. The costs are between 30 – 50 euros, depending on which materials you already have. When purchasing the initial equipment costs can vary between 50-100 euros.

How can I deepen my knowledge?

The “Drawing and Painting workshop: Figurative Work” is an excellent immersion. Many participants want to expand their knowledge, then they start studying at our Academy. Before this workshop we recommend the workshop figurative drawing or figurative drawing intensive.


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Cornelia Wi

Cornelia Wi

Cornelia, born in Zurich, studied economics at the University of Zurich and graduated in 1997 with a Master’s degree. Art was always part of her life. She enriched her education in various art schools in drawing, painting and sculpturing in Zurich, London, New York and Madrid. In 2017 she completed an intensive study at the Barcelona Academy of Art with special focus on painting.  

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