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4 Weeks Intensive Workshop

4 Weeks Intensive Workshop

This workshop is an opportunity to get in touch with the academic approach of drawing and painting by learning from the beginning and understanding some of the basic concepts. The idea is to provide the students with the basic knowledge of the academic procedure as well as certain tools that can help to improve their drawing and painting skills.

Since this course is for artists of all levels we build up the schedule in a way that it improves your skills in the most efficient way and so that you will succeed, no matter if you are an intermediate artist or a hobby artist.

The workshop offers a glimpse into the life of a full-time student at the Academy of Fine ArtGermany and the skills they learn during the nine trimesters. That is why this intensive course grants having a month full of contact with professional academic drawing studies.

What else can you expect?

To get a good start there will be a welcome party. So, everybody gets to know each other. In the first two weeks you are learning the concepts, methods and theory to improve to see, transfer the exact proportions and understand how to create a 3-dimensional feeling in your studies. During these four weeks you will also draw from a live model. This so-called long pose helps you to become better in drawing from a live model. After the first two weeks you will get an introduction into painting with oil colors.  You will paint from different exercise to understand the medium oil paint. This will help you to succeed in painting from a portrait in the last week of this workshop.

Since trained professionals are going to be your teachers you will receive the best experience in this one of a kind facility that you cannot find anywhere else in Germany.

So what exactly will you be able to do after this workshop?

Basically, it teaches you how to improve your skills mixed with a chance to learn traditional and academic drawing. You will be able to apply the methods to your personal art. The workshop will give you the basics to become the artist you want to be.


9:30 – 12:30

4 weeks Morning: 

Week 1-4: Long pose.

4 weeks Afternoon: 

Week 1 Bargue + Basic theory

Week 2 Bargue + Materials theory

Week 3 Painting a pear. + Color and painting theory

Week 4 Portrait + Portrait theory


  • Sight-size method
  • Learn how to construct an academic drawing
  • Learn the materials of an academic atelier
  • Learn the chiaroscuro and realistic rendering
  • Learn how to mix colors in oil painting
  • Learn how to construct a portrait
  • Learn academic figurative drawing
  • Charcoal, pencil and oil drawing/painting

More (costs not included):

  • Welcome-party at the beginning of the course
  • Excursion to a local museum
  • Farewell get-together dinner


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Academy of Fine Art Germany

Academy of Fine Art Germany

There has been a lot of progress and exchange from the beginning on at the Academy of Fine Art Team. As the teachers are coming from all over the world many different methods and techniques could be experienced, learned and applied.

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