Drawing Class: Basic Drawing


✓ Beginners, ✓ Learn the basics of drawing with pencil and charcoal, ✓ Drawing without prior knowledge, ✓ 3-Dimensional Drawing, ✓ Learn to draw realistically

When does the workshop take place?

This workshop is planned as a five-day workshop with six hours of teaching a day.

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For whom is the course?

It is suitable for beginners and is particularly popular for tattoo artists, illustrators, designers and architects.

What do I learn in this course?

The teachers of the Academy of Fine Art Germany communicate you the important basics in drawing. This also includes a deeper knowledge about different materials, how to handle them. Questions will be answered, such as e.g. how do I sharpen my pens and what degrees of hardness do I use for what? Or: Does my drawing have to be sealed with a fixative?

Finally, when you start to draw you will learn a method called Sight-Size. This method is also taught to our students. It is used to transfer the correct proportions. Our teachers will demonstrate this and the participants practice it at the beginning with simple drawings.

How to create 3-dimensional effect in you drawing. For this, training the eye to see correctly is a very important process which will come through practising. The understanding of values, light and shadow as well as forms are key subjects you will learn in this workshop. This way you will train your eye and improve your perception fundamentaly.

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How is the process?

The workshop is a step-by-step process guiding you systematically through essential techniques and methods. After imparting theoretical principles there is the implementation in practice. You can decide on yourself which template you use for your projects. 
In the practical exercises the participants are looked after individually by our teachers. In this way, everyone is supported individually.

At the beginning, the participants will work from copies that make the understanding of the method and the transfer easier. Later on, real still lifes and sculptures are drawn to get a feeling for an object in a room. In addition, 3 hours will be drawn by a nude model on one of the days. They get a short introduction on how to transfer the proportions of the model and which are the first steps to draw from the living human.

What do I have to bring?

After a successful registration, a material list will be sent to you. The costs are between 30 – 50 euros, depending on which materials you already have. When purchasing the initial equipment costs can vary between 50-100 euros.

How can I deepen my knowledge?

The Basic Drawing course is great for getting to know the base. Many participants want to expand their knowledge, then they start studying at our Academy. The workshop also provides a good foundation for drawing or painting with the act. Drawing, is also the absolute basis for realistic painting. We recommend you to attend this workshop before any other workshops


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2 Reviews

  • Thorwald from Frankfurt October

    I liked this workshop very much. Escpecially the fact that there were two teacher for a small group of participants. Both teacher took their time to explain everything and to give advice. I had a good workshop and I am very thankful for the great time I had.

  • Antje from Darmstadt September

    This course was really good and I learned a lot. I liked that there were different levels of difficulty to draw from (Live-Model, Plaster Casts, Charles Bargue). The teacher gave us very helpful feedback.

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Academy of Fine Art Germany

Academy of Fine Art Germany

There has been a lot of progress and exchange from the beginning on at the Academy of Fine Art Team. As the teachers are coming from all over the world many different methods and techniques could be experienced, learned and applied.

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